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130 | WESTPORT |2013

Available for Sale

$16,995,000 USD


    is a beautiful 130'/40M Westport, with an excellent maintenance history. She is Hull #8 of the 40 Meter Series and features a timeless raised panel mahogany interior.

    Her extremely spacious design maximizes all available areas and offers multiple seating/gathering spaces, as well as a large dining table for more formal events . The spacious galley is ideal for for onboard meal prep. There is also a convenient day head located on the main deck. The skylounge expands the gathering/entertaining space even more. 

    SARABETH is designed to accomodate her owners, and up to ten guests in five staterooms, The master stateroom featues a king-sized bed, entertainment center, dressers, nightstands, makeup vanity, and his and her walk-in closets.  There is also a separate office area. The en-suite master bath features stone countertops, marble flooring and upgraded fixtures. The two VIP staterooms have king-sized beds, wardrobes, entertainment centers/dressers.  Both have en-suite bathrooms as well.  The port and starboard guest staterooms have twin berths, nightstands, dressers and entertainment centers. SARABETH can also accomodate up to seven crew members.

    Under the flybridge hardtop is a hot tub, lounge chairs and an additional dining area, great for entertaining. An observation deck is located forward, with teak decking and lounge chairs.
  • Construction/Exterior Finish
  • The hull is fiberglass mat and roving with Vinylester resin and PVC linear cores. Structural framing is a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcement. House and deck structures are cored composite construction. Core material and density varies throughout to optimize engineered structures.

    Sprayed exterior gelcoat is followed by fiberglass mat and roving with Vinylester resin for the outer skins, vacuum bagged foam core (high density in appropriate areas), and fiberglass mat and roving with Vinylester resin for the inner skins. The keel pad, strut palms and stabilizer pads are resin infused using Vinylester resin.

    Hull Structure
    Hull stringers, webs and stiffeners are fiberglass mat and roving and/or carbon fiber with Vinylester resin over foam forms. All soles and structural bulkheads are of fiberglass and foam composite construction infused with Vinylester resin.


    • Hull/ house: Westport white Alexseal high gloss polyurethane. Boot stripe: Acrylic high gloss black.
    • Bottom Paint: Consists of Seahawk black antifouling bottom paint over an epoxy barrier coat.
  • Systems
  • Diesel Fuel System

    Total capacity: Approx. 9,900 gallons (US) in 5 tanks. Fill locations are on the port and starboard aft Main Deck house sides. Fill/transfer system includes centrifuge, pumps, meter and distribution manifold. Diesel engines draw from the day tank.

    Engines and Generators are fueled via priming pumps and filters. Fuel is transferred to and from the day tank via fuel transfer pumps. Fuel is also transferred by virtue of the work of the centrifuge. Tank levels are monitored by electronic sensor, with high/low level alarms, and displayed on a vessel monitoring system display. Fuel tanks ventilate thru a "vent tank" which is monitored for overflow from tanks. Tanks are welded aluminum.


    Fuel Tanks (Diesel):

    • #1 Mid Bilge: approx. 740 gallons
    • #2 Mid Bilge: approx. 820 gallons
    • #3 Center (Day Tank): approx. 2200 gallons
    • #3 Port: 3070 approx. gallons
    • #3 Stbd: 3070 approx. gallons

    Gasoline Fuel System

    Hose/ nozzle located in Swim Step locker powered by compressed air, approximately 100 gallons. A vapor detector is located in the Lazarette.


    • Port & Starboard deck fill: threaded, SS, stamped: DIESEL
    • Y Strainer: 316 SS, self cleaning
    • Centrifuge: Alpha Laval, 198 GPH diesel/water separator
    • AC Primary Pump
    • Secondary Pump: DC positive displacement back-up/priming pump
    • Filters: DDC SeaPro 600
    • Meter: Electronic turbine with numerical display and automatic pump shut off.
    • Transfer manifold by Westport Shipyard
    • Main Engines: Priming Pump: Jabsco, 24VDC / Filter: SeaPro 600, Dual
    • Generators: Priming Pump: Carter, 24VDC
    • Secondary Pump: DC positive displacement back-up/priming pump
    • Filter: Racor, 500 Duplex Turbine Series

    Freshwater System

    Two AC supply pumps, service, and distribution manifolds, two reverse osmosis watermakers, and associated valves, filters, expansion tanks, regulators, and gauges. Freshwater washdowns are located on all external decks.

    • Fresh Water Tank (Divided): Stainless steel, approx. 1726 total gallons
    • Purification/Sterilization: 220VAC Silver ion electrolytic water sterilization system
    • UV filters: Two for disinfection of potable water, 29 GPM each.
    • Flo Marine spot free r/o system
    • Watermakers: Two Sea Recovery Aqua-Whisper 1800. Reverse osmosis type, for a total capacity of 3600 gallons per day
    • Water Heater: Dual element water heater, 120 gallon capacity.
    • Dual particle filters
    • Pressure tank: FRP construction located at remote ends of piping system.
    • Pumps: Two centrifugal pressure pumps, 30 gpm each, plumbed in parallel.

    Lube Oil System

    Tanks for fresh and used oil are mounted in the Engine Room. The new oil tank is replenished from the 1 ½" deck fitting amidships on starboard side. The refuse oil is offloaded with quick-connect hose at the stern. Two air-powered diaphragm pumps are used to transfer to/from locations via hose reels.

    • Lube Oil Tanks
    • Fresh oil: 192 gallons
    • Used oil: 278 gallons
    • Pumps: (2) Air diaphragm pumps.
    • Fittings: All stainless quick connect fittings.
    • Deck Plate: Located with midship fuel fill on starboard side.

    Waste Water System

    Black Water is routed to the Black Water tank prior to emptying via shore side pump out. When permitted, black water can be treated by the onboard Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) for overboard evacuation or the tank contents can be delivered directly overboard. The dockside pump out connection is located on the swim platform. Gray Water (sinks, showers, etc.) is sent directly overboard or when required, routed to the black water tank. Tanks are vented at the boot stripe, carry level alarms and are monitored on the Vessel Monitoring System.

    • Pumps: High capacity solids handling AC diaphragm pump.
    • MSD: Certified to meet MARPOL and USCG Type II MSD. (Includes chlorine generator)
    • Black Water Tank: FRP construction, approximately 1685 gallon
    • Gray water collection/movement: Three Headhunter sumps (Crew, Guest and Engineers) for transfer to black water tank or directly overboard via Y-valve. Includes AC pump, strainer, inspection port and overflow alarm.
    • Black Water Lift Station: Headhunter sump for Galley and Crew Galley sinks for transfer to black water tank.

     Compressed Air System

    A 5hp Kaeser air compressor powers the ship‘s whistle, gasoline and oil transfer pumps, the fuel valves, (as an element of the fire safety system) and the pneumatic tools.

    • Quick Connect Fittings: Located: FWD escape hatch, port Swim Step, Pilothouse deck Exterior Bar (port side) and Flybridge Mast Leg (stbd) in storage locker.
    • Accumulator tanks: Three 10 gallon units, two in the Utility Room and one in the stbd. Flybridge mast leg storage locker.
    • Hose/Reel: Reel Craft - Hose ½" x 35'

    Bilge System:

    The five watertight bilge compartments have alarms and are monitored electronically. In the engine room are two 100 GPM, AC bilge pumps. The water pumping Diesel engine, mounted in the utility room bilge, (part of the fire fighting system) can also be engaged.

    Deck Drain System

    All exterior decks are fitted with freeing ports and/or drains with a plumbed piping system. All drain piping is of ABS approved materials.,

    Fire Hydrant System

    Four fire stations, two pumps. Each station has a hose, angle valve and high/low volume nozzle. The primary electric fire pump can be started from any fire station.

    • Hoses: Seven: 1 ½" x 50' FM listed lay flat type, NPSH thread
    • ABS Approved Fire Nozzles: ABS Approved, one at each of the four hydrant stations
    • Pump, Primary: Centrifugal, flooded suction, 66gpm @40psi
    • Pump, Back-up: Diesel powered portable, flooded suction centrifugal
    • Strainer: Sea suction strainer for fire/bilge manifold,Bronze 2" Y strainer or equivalent.

    Fire Sprinkler System

    The interior is protected by sprinklers that draw from the ship‘s fresh water supply. In the event the water supply is depleted, and without interruption, the system reverts to seawater use. The Engine Room is protected by a gas smothering FM200 system.

    • Sprinkler system: The system is pre-charged and automatic. Water delivery is by two pumps; operating individually or in tandem. A small pressure tank maintains the stand-by pressure in the system. Control panels are located in the Engine Room and a mimic display in the Pilothouse.

    Engine Room Fire System

    Activated manually, the FM 200 Fire protection system is designed by Alexander Gow for Engine Room protection. Activation (with 34 second delay and alarm) includes discharge of gas (hepta-fluoro propane) and automatic shutdown of fuel pumps, intake fans, and exhaust dampers. The Engine Room and ventilation ducts are insulated against thermal conductivity. 

    • Insulation: The bulkheads and duct work leading to the Engine Room are lined with thermal barrier insulation.

    Sound Suppression

    Noise and vibration reduction concept developed by Westport Shipyard and J&A Enterprises.

    • Engine Room: Noise isolation and vibration reduction techniques are used in the mounting of machinery, plumbing and wiring. Sound barriers and Soundown ® insulation further reduce noise levels.
    • Staterooms and Interior: Noise transmission in the stateroom areas is inhibited via "sound tight" construction techniques, acoustic fill in double wall bulkheads, floating joinery connections in critical areas, and isolation mounting of equipment and plumbing.
    • Watertight doors: Pacific Coast Marine or equal
    • Reflective material: 1/8" to 3/16" aluminum
    • Acoustic fill: Whisper Walls 3M Thinsulate
    • Isolation material: Sylomer

    HVAC Systems 

    The interior temperature is maintained by a 30 ton capacity seawater cooled/heated reverse cycle, treated water HVAC system. Air handlers of various BTU ratings are mounted behind cabinets and bulkheads throughout the vessel. 

    • Marine Air HVAC system: Model # MCWLT-240W. 4 @ 7.5 ton compressors
    • Independent seawater intake
    • (4) Flo Marine 90K BTU Airconditioning Chillers - Model CHFM90H
    • Air Handlers: 208volt/1phase/60cycle, BTU ratings vary per location. Variable speed hi static DC blowers.
    • Make up Air Units: For cycling air through vessel interior.

    Central Hydraulic System

    Powered by pumps on port and starboard generators- either or both generators power the system. The central hydraulic system operates the thrusters, capstans, anchor winches, and crane/davit.

    • Pressure gauges for each valve manifold
    • Bow thruster: 16" dual prop, in-hull, 65hp hydraulic motor.
    • Stern thruster: 16" dual prop, external tube housing, 55hp hydraulic motor.
    • Davit: Telescoping with fixed length boom, 3,000# capacity, hydraulic. Nautical Structures, MCA certified with DC powered back-up hydraulic pump.
    • The passarelle has its own electric/hydraulic power unit and extends from under the Aft Deck behind the stairs on port side. The Passarelle will accommodate a wheelchair and has removable railings. The unit is self-supporting, double telescoping, rotating, with handrail and wireless control for Med-style mooring extending 6‘-7 ½‖ past the transom with self-contained hydraulic power pack unit and controls.
    • Digital hydraulic power steering via engine driven hydraulic pumps on each main engine and manual helm pump located in machinery space. The main steering station in the Pilothouse includes full follow-up helm wheel and non-follow up "jog" lever. The wing stations are provided with non-follow-up levers.

    Stabilizer System

    Stabilization while underway is provided by fins located approximately amidship and powered hydraulically by a main engine driven hydraulic pump. Control is by modern digital "fly-by-wire" system located in the Pilothouse.

    • At rest stabilization: Zero speed stabilization is accomplished by the stabilizer fins; which are powered by the central hydraulic system-via a generator, in this mode.
    • Fins: Model Naiad 525 Stabilizer system with 22 square foot fins, one station DATUM control, with oil level warning, unloading valve kits and dual pumps on the mains with gauges.

    Mooring & Anchoring

    The foredeck has two hawse eyes per side, two bitts per side and a pair of mooring winches incorporated with the anchor windlasses. The side decks and Aft Deck have two hawse eyes per side with two bitts on each side. 

    • Windlass/winch combination- Foredeck: Combined windlass for anchoring and winch for mooring. The system is mirrored starboard and port, hydraulically driven, yielding 6000 lb. pull.
    • Anchor windlass: Maxwell Combination tensioner/roller/stopper (2)
    • Controls: Maxwell (2) Anchor washdown is via fixed nozzles located in hawse pipes, solenoid controlled valves for port and starboard sides and is supplied with pressurized seawater from the fire main.
    • Hawse Rings, bulwark: Twelve mirror polished closed oval type.
    • Hawse Rings, bustle: Mirror polished closed type fit around corner of bustle and bulwark at corners of Aft Deck (2).
    • Capstans: Maxwell VC3500, located at the bustle inset at Swim Step.
    • Mooring lines: Six Samson XLS yacht braid, black, or equal, 1 1/4" x 60, double-braid abrasion resistant, 36" eye splice, chafe protection on the eyes.
    • Bitts: Twelve bitts around the vessel, and two on Swim Step Bustle inset are 19‖ stainless steel,
    • Fenders: Six F-7 series (15"X 41") with line and four Nautica International (5'X 1'4") white fenders with nylon rope, covers, and pump.
    • Heaving Lines: ¼" x 75' with removable monkey‘s fist (2)
    • Anchor chain: 5/8" stud link galvanized steel, 400‘ stbd / 300‘ port, ABS certified.
    • Anchors: Two Davis Anchor Talon HHP-500 stainless steel, 530#
    • Hawse pipe/Anchor plate: Stainless steel, mirror polished anchor plates for protection of hull, includes stem plate.
  • Engines/Mechanical
    • Main engines: (2) x MTU 12V4000M73L, 2,896 hp each / 2160 kw @ 2050 RPM / 12 cylinder V-type. 
    • Engine Hours as of (4/12/24) Port: 4958 / Stbd: 4956
    • 5" Aquamet 22 stainless shafts and remote down angle gearbox.
    • Primary exhaust is underwater at chine while a silenced bypass exits at transom corners.
    • Seawater cooling water is supplied via dual 5" lugged type butterfly valves, bronze Y-strainers and molded fiberglass scoops with Stainless steel grates.
    • Controls: Electronic with throttle synchronizing and LCD data display. EDM for each engine.
    • Fuel Filters: DDC Sea Pro-60
    • Marine Gear: Close coupled, 8° down angle, ratio 3.040:1 with trailing pump. - ZF, 4650A
    • Main Exhaust: Stainless steel collector with hard thermal insulation, integral spray ring for 18" main underwater fiberglass exhaust piping and flanged connections
    • Underwater Exhaust outlet: Molded fiberglass design with chine exit. Westport Shipyard fabrication
    • By-pass exhaust: 10" fiberglass piping
    • Silencer: Soundown
    • Propellers: Custom 5 Blade NiBrAl cast - CNC machined - S Class 
    • Engine Room: Access is through the water-tight door, center line from the Utility Room. Two 24k air conditioning units maintain a comfortable environment.
    • Equipment Room: Access is from the Utility Room. Contents of the room are MSD, (2) diaphragm pumps, (2) Sea Recovery 1800 GPD water makers, (1) HVAC chiller, HVAC unit, Passarelle, control boxes for MSD, control boxes and VFDs for HVAC, and controls for Passarelle.
    • Control Room: Access from the Utility Room and contains the AC Distribution Panel and Battery Chargers.
    • Utility Room: Access is from the Bustle water-tight door and/or from Aft Deck and contains the FM200 Bottle, Snap On toolbox and tool set , Fire Hydrant Station, Utility bench with sink, air compressor (below utility bench), Refrigerator/Freezer, dive compressor, HVAC unit, and hot water heater.
  • Electrical - Source and Power
  • Generators

    • Two Northern Lights generators 92 kW, 1800 rpm provide 120-208volt/3phase/60 cycle Htz. AC power.
    • Gen Hours as of (4/12/24) Port: 9397 / Stb: 9383
    • Sea water cooled, compound mounts, Sound Shield, Water separation/mufflers
    • Generators are started in the crew quarters with remote start in Pilothouse.
    • Both generators carry hydraulic pumps for full redundancy. Seamless Power Transfer feature: Technology that synchronizes power output when switching to/from generators and shore power.

    Shore Power

    On board power conditioners accept a variety of voltages: 50/60 hertz, single phase, three phase, high/low voltage and make it available for ship‘s use.

    • Shore Power Converters: Two ASEA brand, 37 KVA, 40-70 cycle. 170 to 520 VAC input.
    • Shore Power Cords: Cable Master/ Glendinning 100 amp, 3 wire with ground, 3 phase, Anixter or equal
    • Shore Cord reels: Motorized shore power reels with local control at transom
    • Adapters: Two for 240V to 480V and two for 208V to 480V.
    • Phone connections: At starboard bustle

    Electrical - AC Distribution

    AC service from shore power and generators is routed to a breakered main electrical panel in the control room, then to sub-panels located throughout the vessel. 50Hz outlets located throughout vessel are powered by a 10KVA converter.

    • Wiring: 4 wire, 3 phase 208 volts with 120 volt single phase branch circuits where required. Single and multiple conductors. ABS type or Class Approved
    • Main switchboard: Extruded aluminum with powder coat finish, built to IP20 level of protection. Forced draft cooling
    • Full gauge package for all sources, volts/amps of each line, phase, power, power factor and frequency

    Battery Chargers

    • Newmar 95 amp/24V DC: 24VDC Ship‘s System.
    • Newmar 20 amp/24V DC: main engine starting battery banks.
    • Newmar 20 amp/24V DC: generator starting battery bank.
    • Newmar 95 amp/24VDC emergency bank.
    • Newmar 20 amp/24VDC reserve bank

    Electrical - DC Distribution

    24VDC power from fourteen Absorbed Gas Mat (AGM) batteries is distributed from the main switchboard in the control room to sub-panels. Emergency lighting consists of dedicated lights in staterooms, common areas and stairwells- interior/exterior.


    • Four batteries, (8-D, 225 amp hour) in series—parallel, main engines.
    • Two batteries, (105 amp/hour, Grp 31) generators.
    • Four batteries , (8-D, 225 amp hour) in series—parallel for the 24VDC Ship‘s System power.
    • Two batteries, (225 amp/hour batteries in series for 24VDC Emergency Power. ( Navigation, emergency lights, electronics and boat deck davit).
    • Two batteries, (105 amp/hour, Grp 31) in series for 24VDC Reserve Power
  • Vessel Alarms & Monitoring
  • Based on a 24-volt redundant, architecture. Composed of ABS-classed hardware, and including a dedicated network of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) touch-screens for access. The system can be "internationalized" with multi-language, multi-character ability, and system-wide propagation. International settings are tied to user login, providing instant system switching between language environments.


    • A single-point Alarm Management screen in the pilot house and 4 remote touch screen HMI‘s, designed to aid the crew in efficient alarm recognition.
    • Instant trending and comparison capabilities for monitored points.
    • Monitoring and alarming of electrical system, including condition of on-board and shore power systems.
    • Tank monitoring, for fresh water, fuel, hydraulics, new / used oil, and black water - All areas capable of generating CO (carbon monoxide) are monitored and alarmed.
    • Flood condition monitoring, including monitoring, alarming and trending for all bilge and sump pumps.
    • Weather tools, including local conditions, as reported by an on-board weather sensor, with reported weather delivered via satellite. Local weather is enhanced by on demand trend information, as well as tide tracking. Reported weather includes extensive weather chart overlays on a dynamically generated ENC position chart.
    • Anchoring safety monitoring and alarms, including chain deployment and automatic calculation of scope, swing radius and drag alarms. Also integrated is a dynamically generated ENC position chart and display of local conditions for wind and tide. A real-time, intuitive display and tracking of local Sea State, including g-force data for heave, surge and sway, pitch and roll, and reported wind and swell data. All local Sea State information is delivered by an InteliSea-designed industrial inertial sensor pack
    • A zone based Security system, with vessel-specific monitored points, user defined security levels and zone makeup.
    • Conflict and condition alarm for essential Navigation Lights.
    • Access and analysis of the complete historical record of the vessel‘s systems and sensors.
    • Ability to internationalize the entire system, at the user level, with multi-language, multi-character set ability, and system-wide propagation. International settings are tied to user login, providing instant system switching between language environments.

  • Audio/Video Electronics
  • Each accommodation space is equipped with audio/video entertainment equipment which provides for a variety of entertainment choices, satellite based radio and television as well as on board sources including DVD, CD, iPod and central movie server.

    Central Equipment

    • Kaleidescape System: 1 movie server and ten (10) movie/music players includes the Movie and Music License and a Lifetime Music Guide and Software Update Service.
    • There are three (3) dedicated players (Master Stateroom, Skylounge & Salon), and the remaining seven (7) are shared to all other locations.
    • The entire AV system is supported by a power conditioner and UPS backup power supply.
  • Navigation Electronics
  • The vessel is equipped with modern navigation and communications equipment suitable for worldwide voyages. This equipment includes satellite based position and speed information, gyroscopic and magnetic heading data, radar, electronic charting and depth finding. Communications equipment spans numerous transmission technologies in compliance with safety regulations and to maximize contact with shore side and marine stations. Equipment installed allows chartering under CISR flag. (GMDSS compatibility)

    Pilothouse Navigation

    • Bridge Switching Systems (BSS): Five (5) 26‖ widescreen Nauticomp displays
    • Chartplotter: NAV 1-Transas Navisailor 3000 ECS with display in Pilothouse and Wireless Keyboard /Mouse. System includes interfaces from: ARPA, GPS, AIS, Depth, Speed and wind. Input from GPS and output to Autopilot is provided. Chart coverage from Seattle, Washington to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is included.
    • NAV 2- MaxSea Display on BSS and wireless Keyboard/Mouse. Output to Autopilot is provided. All NOAA raster US Charts Included.
    • GPS: Two Furuno Commercial grade WAAS/GPS units in pilothouse.
    • AIS: Furuno FA-150 interfaced to Radar and Electronic Chart with Pilot Plug.
    • Radar: Two Furuno FAR-2117 X-Band Radars. One with 8.0 ft Open Array and one with 6.5 ft Open Array; 96 N.M. range. Radars are heading stabilized with speed input for ARPA and AIS input to both radars.
    • Wing Stations: Outside pilothouse, port and stbd. Molded composite covers. Electronic engine controls. Main engines start and stop. Jog steering. Rudder angle indicator. Bow thruster. Horn controls.
  • Communications
  • Ship to Ship/Shore

    • VHF: Two DSC Furuno FM-8800 in Pilothouse with Emergency battery back-up
    • One Furuno FM-300 in the Crew Lounge
    • Two Handheld GMDSS VHF radios w/desktop chargers supplied
    • One VHF in galley
    • SSB: Furuno FS1570 with DSC capability
    • G.P.I.R.B.: McMurdo SAT Find 406 MHz GPIRB
    • S.A.R.T.: McMurdo Class A SART
    • Navtex: Furuno NX700 Paperless Navtex Receiver

    Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Components

    • Fleet-Broadband FB500 for Voice, and Internet Access. Voice connected through Phone System.
    • VSat Sea Tel WaveCall 4006. Internet/Data connectivity service and (2) VOIP lines.
    • Satcom “C”: Furuno Felcom15 Inmarsat SatCom C / Furuno PP510 Printer / Furuno Felcom 15 SSAS Upgrade kit / Furuno GPS Module kit
    • Sat Phone: Iridium 9505 with Marine mounting kit

    Telephone System

    • Panasonic Digital telephone system with 20 stations and 20 phone units.
    • 2 phone stations have LCD displays and 5 stations are cordless.
    • Cordless phones are located in Master Stateroom, Sky Lounge, Pilothouse, and 2 in Salon (one intended for Aft Deck).
    • Telephone system is connected to Satcom, Cell Phone, two VOIP and Shore Phone voice line. Includes a single 100‘ Telephone/Cable TV combination shore cord.
    • Telephone System Components: Panasonic PBX TDA 100 / 24 button LCD Display phone (2) / 24 button speaker phone (13) / Cordless system phone (5) / Gangway intercom with sockets at side deck and Passarelle./ APC 1000VA 670W Smart UPS
    • Shore Phone: Weatherproof phone connection at starboard bustle locker.
    • Cellular Telephone: 2 Telular SX7e GSM Quad Band GSM Cellular Phone.
    • WIFI: Marina Hotspot Amplifier, GeoSat ECHP
  • Steering
    • Gyrocompass: Simrad GC-85 Compact System interfaced for display on Autopilot, Radars and Electronic Chart
    • Magnetic Compass: Ritchie F600 G-5 mounted centerline at pilothouse helm station.
    • Halcyon fluxgate compass interfaced with Brooks and Gatehouse (B & G) Weather Instruments
    • Autopilot: Simrad AP50 with Gyro input and back-up Fluxgate Rate Compass. A dedicated RFU to the steering shelf is added for direct feed to the autopilot
    • Depth - Speed – Wind: B & G Hydra 3000 Graphic Function Display includes air temperature, barometric pressure. Graphic Function displays in Pilothouse, Crew Lounge
    • Color Sounder: Furuno FCV-1200 BB color video sounder with display on BSS.
    • Doppler Log: Furuno DS80 Doppler Speed Log. APC 1000VA 670W Smart UPS, full load runtime 6 minutes
    • Satellite Television: Sea Tel 4004 TV-At-Sea Gyro stabilized receive antenna with USA and Latin America LNB.
  • Cameras
    • Seven PTZ color cameras: Two in the Engine Room, two at exterior Aft Deck, port side and starboard side, one at starboard Side Deck, one at port Side Deck and one on the mast are displayed on the CCTV system.
    • Monitoring Station (With display on BSS)
    • Closed Circuit Television
    • Night Vision Camera: Flir M-Series
    • Quad split screen color display: System controlled by Crestron Controller
  • Signals and Lights
    • Ship’s Whistle
    • Ship’s bell
    • Air powered horn (with automated signal timer): Kahlenberg, F-2 five trumpet / Kahlenberg, M511-A signal timer
    • Search Light: One (1) Carlisle & Finch, 200 watt xenon, 15 million candlepower; remote controlled
    • Running Lights: Full array
  • Interior
  • Woodwork

    • Guest areas: Pommele Sapele and Mahogany. Mahogany finishes; straight grained, with a fine, even texture.
    • Crew areas: Anigre, medium amber color, and Maple, light tan color.


    • Main Salon: Stone with Solid mahogany edge.
    • Upper deck bar top: Stone.
    • Pilothouse dash: Pommele Sapele.
    • Pilothouse settee: Crotch Mahogany with Sapele trim.
    • Pommele Sapele panels with solid Mahogany edge- Dresser and nightstand tops
    • Light-weight Stone- Head vanity tops, as specified by Westport Interior Design
    • Stone- Main Galley
    • Corian- Crew Galley
    • Stone Exterior.

    Wall Coverings

    • Headliner: Mahogany satin panels and/or fabric 
    • Fabric/Leather: As specified by Westport Interior Design for furniture, built-in and/or loose, headboards, bedspreads, pillows, exterior cushions.
    • Window Treatments: Ocean Air shades with Somfy S3DCT motors
    • Stone- primarily lightweight. 
    • Doors: Interior doors are 1 3/8‖ Pommele Sapele panels or upholstered fabric panels. Hardware is anti-rattle latches and privacy locks, sealed to minimize noise transmission.
    • Wardrobes: Sapele with shelves and automatic light fixture, stainless closet rod, shelf with keeper, Hettich door hardware.
    • Stairways: Carpeted with lights at stair risers and handrails at each stairway.
    • Joinery/built-in Furniture: Master office desk: Pommele Sapele. Drawers, trim, dressers, nightstands, and vanities are Straight Grained Sapele. Anigre and Maple are used in the crew areas.
    • Mattresses: Innerspring
  • Main Salon
  • Expansive and Elegant area: TV rises out of aft corner cabinet. Aft entry door is stainless steel framed, glass, counterpull, open/close sliding mechanism with pneumatic seal.

    • Flooring and wall coverings
    • TV: 55" LCD
    • Built in Cabinetry 
    • Loose Furniture: Designer
    • One sofa
    • Cocktail table
    • Three occasional chairs
    • Three end tables
    • Game table and four chairs
  • Dining Area
  • Forward of the Salon is the formal dining area. Servers have easy access from the galley via a dual hinged access door.

    • Formal Dining Table: Pommele Sapele table with Mahogany accents accommodates ten guests. 10 Formal Dining Chairs
    • Overhead Detail: Special Designer feature.
    • Buffet/Storage: Buffets to port, starboard, and aft provide storage for sixteen, 5-piece place settings of china, formal flatware, and stemware and A/V units.
  • Galley
  • Designer stone counter space with generous food prep area, pantry with dry storage and shelves for extended cruising. Finely executed galley sink by Westport.

    • Northland 30 reach-in refrigerator.
    • Northland 18 reach-in freezer.
    • Polished chrome hot water dispenser by Insinkerator.
    • Pot fill faucet.
    • Broan trash compactor.
    • Overhead hood and fan.
    • Built in oven- Standard by Gaggenau.
    • Built in oven-Convection/steamer by Gaggenau.
    • APW Wyott counter top finishing oven.
    • Panasonic 1000 Watt Programmable Microwave.
    • Fisher Pakel high temp double drawer dishwasher.
    • Perlick 48 Bottle Wine cooler.
    • Manitowoc ice maker.
    • Five burner Cook Tek Induction Cook Top
  • Main Deck Day Head
    • Stone vanity top
    • Vessel sink
    • Faucet
    • Lightweight stone flooring
    • Coordinated bath accessories
    • Toilet
  • Master Stateroom
  • The stateroom features a king sized berth with fabric or leather wrapped rails and upholstered headboard, built in dressers, and an entertainment system and A/V equipment complimented by Crestron control, office area with desk, make up desk and private his and her dressing rooms with ample storage, dresser and hanging space. Designer accent lighting.

    • Master Stateroom: King sized berth with Slumber Ease mattress 
    • Entertainment center with A/V equipment storage, Dressers, Nightstands, Make up table/desk and chair
    • Master Office: Desk with chair
    • Lighting: LED down-lights
    • Lighted make-up mirror
    • One safe
    • Wall treatment and flooring: per Westport Interior Design
    • Master His/her Dressing Room: Dressers and hanging rods each side
    • Master Head: Vanity: Countertop is stone, two vitreous china sinks, fixtures, and accessories
    • Flooring: Designer Lightweight marble tile.
    • Mirrors over vanities in his and her heads
    • Lighted wall mounted make-up mirror
    • Headhunter Royal Flush Hydro-Vac toilet
    • Kohler Bidet with fixture set as specified by Westport Design
    • Shower with frameless tempered glass door, marble surround
    • Accessories and fixtures per Westport Design
    • Marble threshold
  • VIP Guest Staterooms-Port & Starboard
  • Built in dressers, nightstands, wardrobes, king sized berths, leather or fabric wrapped rails and upholstered headboards, and drawers in the base. Wall treatments and carpeting. Built in A/V equipment complemented by Crestron control. 

    • Port VIP Stateroom: King sized berth with drawer base, wardrobe, dresser/entertainment center and two nightstands.
    • Starboard VIP Stateroom: King sized berth with drawer base, wardrobe, dresser/entertainment center and two nightstands.
    • VIP Heads: Vanity: Pommele Sapele with Mahogany accents, lightweight stone countertop, one vitreous china sink, fixtures & accessories
    • Glass: Fixed, oval port light with removable stainless deadlight cover
    • Flooring: Lightweight stone as per Westport Interior Design
    • Toilet: Headhunter Royal Flush Hydro Vac
    • Bidet: Kohler with fixtures by Westport Design
    • Shower with frameless tempered glass doors
    • Thermostat
    • Fixtures
    • Accessories
    • Marble threshold
    • Lighted Make-up (countertop)
  • Guest Staterooms-Port & Starboard
  • Built in dressers, nightstands, wardrobes. Twin berths in port stateroom with leather or fabric wrapped rails, upholstered headboards. Two twin berths in starboard stateroom. Sound insulation in the forward bulkheads and stair enclosure. Wall treatments and carpeting. Built in A/V equipment is controlled by Crestron.

    • Port Guest Stateroom: Two twin berths with drawers below, wardrobe, two nightstands, and dresser/entertainment center.
    • Starboard Guest Stateroom: Two twin berths (inboard berth has drawers below), wardrobe and dresser/entertainment center.
    • Guest Heads: Vanity - Pommele Sapele with Mahogany accents, lightweight stone countertop, one vitreous china sink, fixtures & accessories
    • Glass - Fixed, oval portlight with removable stainless deadlight cover
    • Flooring – Westport Interior Design specified.
    • Toilet - Headhunter Royal Flush Hydro Vac.
    • Shower with frameless tempered glass doors
    • Thermostat
    • Fixtures & Accessories
    • Marble threshold
    • Wall mounted lighted make-up mirror
  • Upper Lounge
  • Entertaining area located aft of the Pilothouse, sliding glass doors to the Boat Deck.

    • Upper Lounge: Wet Bar
    • Settee
    • Desk with loose chair
    • Fireplace w/TV above mantel
    • Four Barstools
    • A/V equipment
    • Wall treatment: Designer Mahogany and/or fabric panels
    • Lighting: LED down-lights.
    • Flooring as per Westport Interior Design
    • Upper Lounge Day Head: Vanity, Mirror, Toilet, Designer Flooring/wall treatment.
  • Pilothouse
    • Bridge console- Leather-covered dash panels, Pommele Sapele panels with solid Mahogany edge
    • Traditional wooden helm wheel: Pommele Sapele with Mahogany trim
    • Chart table: To port side of main helm
    • Settee: Covered in leather or fabric, side panels trimmed in Pommele Sapele.
    • Settee Table: Pommele Sapele panel with solid Mahogany edge.
    • Helm Chair: Two Crown Mariner Helm Chairs with fabric or leather to match the settee as per Westport Interior Design.
    • Clock/Barometer – Weens & Plath, 6‖ Quartz clock dial, 6" Barometer dial
    • Mahogany and fabric panels 
    • Lighting - LED down-lights
    • Built-in desk
    • Floor covering and wall treatments
    • Desk chair
  • Captain/Crew Quarters
    • The captain‘s cabin with private head accommodates two persons. Double berth, Custom size innerspring, TV-A/V equipment, hanging locker.
    • Crew quarters with two heads, accommodate 4 in two cabins.
    • Captain’s Head: Vanity with sink with mirror above, shower with glass door, toilet
    • The Crew response to the galley is immediate, via the direct galley/crew‘s quarters stairway. Flooring and wall coverings. 
    • Engineer’s Quarter’s: Custom size innerspring, A/V entertainment area, and drawers in berth base.
    • Engineer’s Head: Vanity with sink and mirror above, shower with glass door, toilet
    • Crew Galley: Security Monitor, Dining settee with table/cabinet, (2 sets)washer/dryer with above locker, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, TV-A/V equipment, counter with sink/cabinet storage, VHF and depth sounder
    • Crew’s Quarters: Port and Stbd
    • Twin berths (2) Custom size innerspring
    • Hanging locker
    • Dresser
    • TV-A/V equipment
    • Crew Heads: Port and Stbd, shower with glass door, toilet, vanity with sink, mirrored medicine cabinet
  • Exterior
  • Aft Deck

    • Full service bar, cushioned aft settee with convertible cocktail/dining teak table, four loose dining chairs and A/V equipment.
    • Teak Decking Furniture: Gloss finish teak dining table (fixed pedestal)
    • Eight dining armchairs with cushions
    • Settees facing forward with cushions and covers
    • Two fixed gloss finish teak pedestal cocktail tables
    • Three bar stools with cushions
    • Bar: Full service bar-ice bin, bottle/ barware storage
    • Stone countertop
    • Refrigerator
    • TV
    • Lighting control for the Aft Deck
    • Entertainment system controls
    • Wing doors: Locking plexiglass.
    • Wash down hose bib
    • Stainless Rails: Mirror polished stainless steel, 1 ½" round top rails with 1 ¼" round stanchions


    • Teak decking
    • Wash down Hose bib
    • Flag staff
    • Chrome Ship’s bell
    • Deck lighting
    • Two Anchor windlasses/Capstans
    • Hatch: Chain locker access and fender storage
    • Settee: with fixed gloss finish teak pedestal table.
    • Fore deck seat: with storage underneath for windlass control pendants and chain washdown controls


    • Non-skid deck
    • Mast: FRP with Alexseal Westport white paint
    • Wash down Hose bibs
    • Fixed Gloss finish teak dining table
    • Six dining arm chairs with cushions
    • Two small tables with
    • Three chaise lounges and cushions.
    • Anchor light
    • Deck lighting
    • Air Horn: Kahlenberg Model F3 with light
    • Hot Tub: Custom fabricated with multi-zone jets
    • Hard top: Integrated with mast
    • Hand Rails: Stainless steel continuous handrail with ¼" laminated glass, clear or smoked panels between stanchions (fore and aft only).
    • Courtesy flag halyards: Port and starboard on mast

    Forward Observation Deck

    • View area at the bow.
    • Teak decking
    • Furniture: Two chaise lounge chairs with cushions.
    • One small end table
    • Hand Rails: Stainless steel continuous handrail with ¼" laminated glass, clear or smoked panels between stanchions

    Boat Deck

    • Teak Decking
    • Cocktail table, love seat with cushions, two arm chairs.
    • Wash down hose bib
    • 5'x 8' ensign flagstaff
    • Mast: Composite
    • Chocks (Universal Mounting System): Tender, Space for owner-supplied water toys
    • Davit: 3000 lb., Full hydraulic proportional control, Back up from reserve back up power pack
    • Life rafts: (2) Port and (2)Starboard, 10-man each with embarkation lights, in cradles, with hydrostatic release
    • Hand Rails: Mirror polished stainless steel, 1 ½" round top rails with 1 ¼" round stanchion
  • Tender
    • 2013 17’ Custom Aquascan w/ 115hp Yamaha is included
  • Safety Equipment
    • Life Raft: Four 10-man Solas approved life rafts mounted on Boat Deck rails.
    • Life Preservers: Twenty-three Coast Guard approved adult life preservers with water lights, and six Coast Guard-approved child life preservers with water lights.
    • Ring Buoys: Four 30" diameter buoys secured on exterior of vessel.
    • Immersion Suits: Seventeen.
    • Flares: Flare kit included.
    • Bell: Perko
    • Fire Extinguishers: Dry chemical: nine-10lb, nine-5lb, and one 3lb. Also: Ten 10lb.Carbon Dioxide type.
    • Medical Kit: MCA compliant coastwise and offshore medical kit and supplies, plus one year subscription to shore-side 24/7 medical assistance service provider.
  • Exclusions
    • Exclusion list to be provided upon request
  • LENGTH 130
  • MODEL 40M
  • BEAM 26.16
  • DRAFT 0
  • YEAR BUILT 2013
  • HULL Fiberglass
  • ENGINE 1 MTU 12V4000M73L Inboard 2986 HP
  • ENGINE 2 MTU 12V4000M73L Inboard 2986 HP


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