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With over 35 years’ experience in dealing with the Westport Yachts Shipyard, building close relationships and frequent visits to the yard ourselves, RJC Yachts is by far the most highly qualified Brokerage firm to find you the perfect Used Westport Yacht to purchase, as well as to successfully market your Used Westport Yacht for Sale.

Over the years, we have successfully completed the sale of over 25 Used Westport Yachts - all of which were over 85’, with the bulk being over 112’.  We have also represented and lead multiple clients through the process of New Yacht Construction with the Westport Yacht Shipyard.  In the last 3 years alone, we successfully brokered the sale of a whopping 50% of the total number sold of the popular 40m / 130’ model of the Used Westport Yachts for Sale!  The other 50% of those sales was merely distributed among 5 other brokerage firms – just proving how intimately we know the Westport Yacht for Sale market, as well as how favorable our elite client base is to the prospect of purchasing them!

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Since 1964, Westport Yachts’ founding brothers, Rick & Randy Rust, have repeatedly committed themselves to exceptional craftmanship, build quality, and labor & cost saving innovations in order to consistently deliver the fine, American-built Yachts that we know and love today.  Starting out as a shipyard solely dedicated to producing strong, yet light commercial fishing vessels destined for the torrid North Pacific waters, and then moving onto larger passenger ferries, it came as no surprise when Westport became one of the pioneers and innovators in the composite material build process, which is now internationally renowned as the preferred method for new yacht construction.  Equipped with some of the finest naval architects, and a shipyard that was already “breaking molds”, it goes without saying that when the economy started rising in the late 70’s, Westport was in the perfect position to make the transition over to Luxury Yacht construction. 

Nothing has slowed down their innovative tenacity, nor hindered their ability to time after time present such an impeccable build-quality – not even the change of ownership in 2014, to an investment group headed by Gary Chouest, a long-time Westport Yacht owner and connoisseur himself.  Following in the footsteps of many businesses in the jet-making world, Westport’s calculated manufacturing process obeys a rigid methodology which ensures that their distinct design and performance policies are met with each and every Westport Yacht and Pacific Mariner Yacht that they produce.  Built with fewer seams and advanced composite technologies such as infusion, resin impregnation and advanced coring materials, Westport is known to have some of the most unprecedented molds in the industry of composite-build Motor Yachts.   

As a buyer in the market to purchase a Used Motor Yacht, or as a buyer with an interest in having their dream yacht realized in a New Yacht Build, one could not go wrong with Westport - an impeccable, world-class, American builder.  And just as in any large purchase, the perfect advisor is quintessential to making sure that your needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Here at RJC Yachts we are confident that our thorough approach to detail, coupled with our extensive relationships with the world’s finest builders, shipyards and vendors, is a certain way to ensure our clients’ needs are not only met, but exceeded, when purchasing a New or Used Westport Motor Yacht!


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