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With a strong focus on quality, Trinity Yachts Shipyard has produced some of the most irreproachable steel and aluminum vessels admired across the world’s oceans over the last 50 years.  Having successfully sold, marketed, and managed many New and Used Trinity Yachts, the brokers of RJC Yachts are pleased to present the full MLS listing availabilities of Used Trinity Yachts, as well as offer to oversee the New Yacht Construction process of building your New, Customized Trinity Yacht.  

Proudly having represented the Buyer for the largest American Yacht Build at the time, we have overseen the entire build phase during one of our most notable sales, and one of Trinity’s most notable builds – the magnificent 73m / 239’ Quad-Deck Motor Yacht, “COCOA BEAN”, then “NEW HORIZON”.  Designed by their incredible in-house naval architects and delivered in 2012, “COCOA BEAN” is still known as one of the largest, and finest Yachts to come out of America in the 21st Century.  As a result of our countless hours spent touring the shipyard, inspecting their build practices and meeting with their designers, we truly feel that our in-depth grasp of the New Trinity Yachts and Used Trinity Yacht for Sale market is second to none!  When looking to purchase or sell a Used Trinity Yacht you could not be in more capable hands than ours!

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A true American Luxury Yacht builder, Trinity Yachts is based out of the Gulf Coast, and is internationally recognized for its production of exceptionally built aluminum and steel hulled yachts.  In 1974, Olympic sailor John Dane III began his Yacht Building career with the New Orleans based commercial and military shipyard, Halter Marine, as a program manager, and by 1988 he had founded Trinity Yachts as a division of the Halter Marine Group, with their shipyard alongside Halter’s, in New Orleans.  After introducing Victory Lane Enterprises as a joint partner, John Dane, Felix Sabates (former CEO of Halter Marine) and Carolyn Sabates catapulted Trinity Yachts into stardom amongst the world’s elite, following their mission to design, engineer and build a new class and design of Yacht that they believed would spearhead the international trends in Yacht Building.  Together, with their high-profile connections and slew of impeccable-build knowledge and capabilities, along with their state-of-the-art construction, nonpareil engineering, highly specialized technologies, and adept staff, they were able to offer Trinity Yachts as the American answer to a fully customizable luxury yacht building shipyard capable of producing vessels up to 400ft in length.  After successfully introducing a more modern, futuristic esthetic with the 150’ Tri-Deck Motor Yacht “MAGIC” at the 1997 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Trinity fast became one of the most reputable builders for anyone in the market for a Fully Customized, Luxury Mega Yacht that spared no attention to detail.

For decades, Trinity has continued to produce large, luxurious, custom vessels at a steady rate, with the help of their meticulous attention to detail and their high level of professionalism, all while using the industry’s latest and greatest materials and practices.  Following the devastating Hurricane Katrina, and the subsequent loss of their New Orleans based shipyard in 2005, Trinity made the gradual progression over to becoming a solely Buyer-customized Yacht Builder, focusing on fulfilling private orders for New Yacht Builds.  Therefore, you can rest assured that each and every Used Trinity Yacht for Sale today has undergone the exact same attention to detail that the Shipyard became famous for.  Particularly notable for their exquisite exterior styling, palatial and well-designed interiors, effectual sound reduction technologies and robust performance, Used Trinity Yachts continue to hold their value, with new buyers always showing a keen interest in the possible acquisition of their very own Luxury Mega Yacht.