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Setting the standard in yacht building for the last 55 years, Hatteras Yachts built the first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet in length, and subsequently pioneered the convex and modified-V hull design that was revolutionary to the yachting industry. Breakthroughs in everything from hull design and propulsion to interior design and onboard connectivity, Hatteras Yachts' dedication to innovation and quality yacht craftmanship is unsurpassed. 

Starting their journey in yacht building where the bitter waters of the Labrador Current meet the warm waters of the Gulf Stream - the infamous Diamond Shoals - Hatteras founder Willis Slane set out to build a yacht that could conquer these waters. With the combination of the unforgiving Hatteras weather and the turbulent Diamond Shoals waters, this would be no small feat to overcome.

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Hatteras Yachts was founded in 1959 in High Point, North Carolina. Stepping aside from all yacht building traditions up to that point in time, Willis Slane decided to opt for e new material in his build process. To build his noteworthy motoryacht that would subsequently revolutionize the entire, global yacht building industry, he chose to use a new material, fiberglass. In 1960, together with marine architect, Jack Hargrave, under the Hatteras brand Slane produced their first sportfisherman motor yacht, KNIT WITS. A twin cabin sportfishing yacht, KNIT WITS measured in at a sizable 41', with an impressive 14' beam. She was powered by twin 275HP Lincoln V-8 engines. After nothing short of a fervent response to this impressive fiberglass yacht from the Sportfishing and Yachting communities alike, Hatteras's legend status was kicked into gear.

What began with a 41' fiberglass yacht, capable of conquering the tempestuous conditions of the North Carolina coastline, Hatteras quickly grew into the impressive fleet of motor yachts, convertibles and express sportfishing vessels we know and love today. As the market quickly started to demand larger yachts, the Hatteras fleet expanded rapidly to meet the need. First with 50' vessels, and then later to 90' convertible sportfishermen. From their quintessential models such as the 36 Sport Fisherman and the 70 GT Convertible, to the meticulous 90-110'+ cruising Motor Yachts, Hatteras consistently produces elegant yachts with clean lines and luxurious amenities, and tournament class sportfisherman yachts that will leave your competitors jealously in your wake. Engineered for precision, optimum power, and the ability to withstand the toughest conditions, Hatteras Yachts has consistently built yachts with advanced hull design and construction, optimized weight distribution, and a keen eye for detail like no other yacht builder.