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Renowned as one of America's premier custom superyacht manufacturers, Christensen Shipyards, based in Vancouver Washington, is celebrated for its artisans' exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous focus on every intricate detail.

Founder Dave Christensen began his career in construction during the mid-1950s, spanning until the early 1980s. Throughout this period, he constructed a variety of commercial and residential projects across the Pacific Northwest. However, upon retiring from the construction industry in 1982, his passion for craftsmanship led him to embark on a new endeavor: building a yacht. Dissatisfied with existing manufacturers' offerings, Christensen collaborated with Westport Shipyard to construct a hull to his exacting standards. Taking personal charge of the yacht's fit and finish, he created a luxury vessel that surpassed expectations. This success led to the establishment of Christensen Shipyards in 1986.

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For the next twenty-five years, Dave Christensen spearheaded the company's growth, overseeing the construction of increasingly larger yachts. His dedication to excellence remained unwavering until his retirement from this "second career" in 2008.

While Christensen Shipyards has developed standardized hull molds for composite yachts of various sizes, each vessel is meticulously customized, often featuring the expertise of renowned interior designers. Noteworthy launches include the transformation of American owner John Staluppi's former 59.68-meter Casino Royale, now known as Lady Elaine, launched in 2008, and currently available for sale through RJC Yacht Sales. Additionally, the 48.77-meter luxury yacht Odessa, sold by RJC Yacht Sales, crafted by Christensen Shipyards in 2009, boasts a striking black hull and features a sophisticated, magnificent interior design.