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Yacht chartering provides unparalleled service and customization of your holiday.

Nicole has been part of the yachting industry since 1994. She began selling short term corporate yacht charters then worked on board as a crew member for almost 10 years. In 2002 she began selling luxury yacht charters and has enjoyed it every day since then. Nicole provides personalized attention, arrangement of details and follow through leaving you with only the choice of what to experience next! Nicole's ultimate goal is to gain a repeat client each time a charter is reserved. Yacht chartering today provides something for everyone as there are numerous yacht options in various size and price ranges.

Nicole's intention will be to work with you to narrow in on the best yacht program suited for your needs. The key to a successful charter is finding the best suited yacht for your group and activities. When you begin planning your holiday Nicole will want to discuss all of these fine points thoroughly. The destination you are interested in visiting, cruising speed, ages of the guests, formality, water toys, family or couples, adventuresome or laid back, and more. Many personal conversations will take place to finalize all the particulars and will allow Nicole to make the best recommendation. Yachts are available worldwide with professional five star crews waiting to create a matchless vacation memory!

Nicole Caulfield
Yacht Charter Manager
Office: 954-525-3886 - Cell: 954-494-8978

With Nicole Caulfield's market knowledge of yachts and crew, RJC Yachts will ensure your charter experience to be extraordinary!

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The goal is to work together to narrow in on the one that is best suited for you. Some of the options to think of and prioritize are; the destination you are interested in visiting, speed, age, formality, toys, family or couples, adventuresome or laid back and more. When we begin planning your holiday we will discuss all of these thoroughly.


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